the fine line

August 19, 2013

for the past few days, rain has been pouring and i have been home-struck. school is suspended for the enth time, but we can't be all happy when there are people obviously losing their family members and homes due to floods. and as much as i would want to talk about the fun days i've spent with my class and closest friends, i simply can't.

there's a fine line between the privileged and the struggling, the safe and the endangered, the rich and the poor. you get the point. maybe the past few days from where i'm from is the perfect "sweater weather" and a day to sleep in and read your favorite book, but it's coming to a point where people out there need our help. and i can't do anything about it, since i'm just me.

it's a time to be thankful and pitiful, and i hope you feel it too.
just wanted to keep it short. stay safe everyone :-)

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  1. This thought has resonated with me for a long time. :)

  2. Oh I love your photos, they have such a nostalgic feel to them. Your post is so heart-felt, I am sorry for the situation :(

  3. "there's a fine line between the privileged and the struggling," you put that down quite wisely. I'm curious how those floods can't have made the news over here. Your photos are wonderful, but I hope the situation will be under control soon, although it has probably effected quite a lot of people already. My thoughts are with you, stay safe! :)

  4. beautiful thoughts -- i'm praying for you and those struggling. hope you find a way to help and that you make it through okay. :)