September 14, 2013

the past few days came by like a flash (i'm saying this in a good way though!)

september 2: it was monica's birthday and i made this huge card that took up most of the front car seat; i love her to bits
september 8-13: we had end term was a tough challenge in some subjects but i'll pull through! (also, they didn't announce a semester break, huhu why?)
september 13 afternoon: we celebrated monica's birthday in Shakey's and ended up spending an hour inside the karaoke booth (she's really good in singing Les Mis songs) and after that, i left my close group of friends and went along with my club/org and went to school to have our leadership training!
september 14: actually, i ended up sleeping at 1:30 and woke up at 5:30. even though i was very sleepy, i managed to be pumped up with all the activities and talks (not to mention eating all the good ordered food)

it was a fun-filled weekend so far and right now i really just need a lot of  r e s t. what i've learned? a lot of things. for one: i really need to work on my time management. secondly, you need to be able to serve to be a good leader, and to love. another is that my friends are downright crazy. lastly, my social skills aren't that good. but seriously, just enjoy the moment and learn from everything that you experience! okay, i might admit this was a really bad post, but i needed to show you guys something, right? just to prove i didn't die have a life outside the internet and blogging world.

p.s. i need you guys to know: my grandfather recently had another heart attack a few weeks ago and today he's not feeling so good. if you guys feel so, kindly pray for his recovery and i would appreciate it. thanks so much :-)

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  1. that card. oh. my gosh. your typography + art skills are crazy amazing. and i'll be praying for your granfather. xx

  2. so sorry about your grandfather i will be praying for him. on a side note, your art is beautiful and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

  3. spunds like fun!! I love your card too!!
    And I will definetly pray for your grandpa.

  4. ah, your art is just so wonderful! i love those floral designs, they are so cute. hope your grandfather the best wishes.

    lindsey louise

  5. Your blog is so artistically inspirational. Love these photographs, and the instax film. Just perfect!
    xo TJ

  6. Isn't that painting style from Oana Befort's blog? Even your blog header mimics hers, js.

    1. yes, it is :) she's such a great inspiration to me when it comes to blogging and art and everything! i totally love her blog (i'll try being more original next time, sorry about that!)

    2. :) Not to cut you down, it looks amazing. Forgive me if I came off sounding harsh. :\ :( I love reading your blog and reading about you. xo Have a splendid day!

  7. as always your blog blows me away... i will be thinking of your grandfather, hang in there.