the people who have everything

December 21, 2013

the people who have everything might have all the gifts and gadgets, but they might not have all the love in the world. they might be able to get a toy from "santa", but not any time from their parents. i, for one, am one hella happy girl to say that i do not have everything. i don't have any of the latest phones, or clothes, or belongings. but you know what? i'm glad to say that i have all of the things i need. i have my loving family, my best frenemy brother, my extremely loud and (not so) crazy friends, and the greatest gift of all, which is God. he is the true reason for the season, and really, we don't need anything else.

(hint: the people who have everything,
really have nothing.)

p.s. sorry for not posting in a long long while...the past months flew by so quickly!
p.s.s. it was my mom's and my close friend bianca's birthday last december 19 :-)
p.s.s.s. merry christmas and happy new year! so blessed & excited to go to aussie land :-)

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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sure! And thank you! (Yeah, can you please delete my previous comment? I was a bit too overwhelmed of your posting-back-again-blog )

  2. happy holiday, Jianine! i love this post.

  3. Wow, I never thought of this post idea before. It's so true, though!

    Did you make that birthday card yourself? Either way, it looks beautiful. <333 Hope your mother and Bianca had a happy birthday!


    (pocket notebook giveaway 'cause i love writing and pocket notebooks are perfect:

  4. Welcome back, Jianine, you wonderfully talented, blessed lady. Yes, you don't need everything to be happy. The little and big things that build your life often prove to be more than enough.

    P.S. Aussie-land. How exciting!

  5. your dog is so cute dear :D


  6. This was a wonderful post... and exactly what we all needed to hear this time of year. I really am incredibly blessed. :)

    Merry Christmas, Jianine!

  7. you have lovely work!! and that doggie is adorable
    xo Jessica