January 16, 2014

last sunday, I woke up with a strange feeling that most of you might've had: you know it's your birthday, you know you're a year older, but you just don't think it's right. you're still your fourteen year old self, a day more in your life and you're not sure what the difference is. after which, your family or perhaps friends celebrate this one day with you and make you feel special, but I realized birthdays aren't about yourself; it's about celebrating a day of living and serving others. about being thankful for your blessings you have now and the ones you are about to receive; not anxiously waiting for gifts that you want, or asking for more.

here's to another year of writing and taking pictures, and sharing the journey of life with you!
thanks for sticking around.

p.s. happy birthday to my good friend, stella
p.s.s. this made my day :-)

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  1. haha, i felt that a little when i turned 24. happy birthday!

  2. What gorgeous photography, I love the softness and the candle is so cute! Happy birthday, it looks and sounds you celebrated it well. I wish I was that wise when I turned 15.

  3. I know exactly what you mean. :) Happy birthday, Jianine!

  4. beautiful photos! happy birthday!

  5. happy belated birthday, beautiful girl! and these frames are so stunning...

  6. happy fifteenth birthday! i hope you enjoyed your trip to australia - i never got a chance to catch up on all of your posts over the holidays. anyway, you are wise beyond your years and i can already tell just through reading your blog posts. i hope you know how inspiring your posts and photos are! don't put down your camera - you have talent!

  7. happy birthday! looks like you had a wonderful day.


  8. Happy birthday, even if I am two days late! (:

    Seriously though, that's kind of what I thought the day I turned fourteen...I love how I can relate to your posts!

    DFTBA (Don't Forget to Be Awesome),