the to-do list

March 08, 2014

1: wait for the right time. there's a time for everything, and not everything will be given to you on a silver platter. wait, stand still, and take some action. do whatever is in your will to get your goal done. if there's nothing to do, stand back and appreciate what's in front of you. you might be surprised in finding what you'll get.

2: be spontaneous. sometimes, planning can make your mind explode. have a little fun, and don't think of how the shot will come out. just take whatever your heart wants, whenever your heart wants. and actually, beauty doesn't equate to perfection. it's the spur of the moment, the emotion and sometimes luck.

3: step over boundaries. get out of your comfort zone, and reach out more. this shot was taken at my neighbor's front yard, and I was dressed in my pajamas. step over the "hedge", or whatever is keeping you from getting what you want. don't mind how the public will see you, because they haven't seen you on the inside.

4: look more closely. if you go out of the house, there will me a million things to see. look at the ordinary things and appreciate it's beauty. not just because a certain object is appealing to look at, but maybe try and look at what's inside. don't judge a book by it's cover, and don't judge something by it's looks.

5:  it's alright to stand out. standing out from the background makes everything clear. you'll be able to focus on what's on track, and your friends and family will be there to support you. fitting in and being ordinary gets everyone nowhere. it's up to you to be your better, memorable, and like-able self.

6: reflect yourself. you can meditate, be by yourself, pray, listen to music, whatever you want. take some time to be away from other people and focus on yourself. build a nice, loving relationship with you--because the most important relationship you can have here on earth is the one you have with yourself.

7: stick to your roots. stick to where you came from, and don't let your plans or future affect that. always stay true to youself, God, family and friends. if ever you go far in life, always don't forget to thank the ones who have seen you at your best and worst. also, the past is a nice place to visit (though not a nice place to stay).

the past few days have been a blur, doing projects, homeworks, quizzes and stress. I was very desperate for summer break to come earlier, and this school year to end. I felt as though this weekend would be my chance to calm down, take a rest and escape the academic world for a while. so today, I decided to go out the house and explore a little bit. not anything or anywhere out of the usual, no important photo-shoot, no people to model for you, no planning for beautiful shots. because I figured, nature has its own beauty, and it's up to us whether or not we want to notice it. here's my to-do list in life. (or friendly life reminders my photos taught me).

p.s. I'm incredibly sorry for thinking of such a cheesy idea, and I'm also sorry for not being able to post as often as I'd like. it's nice having the feeling that your followers are looking forward to what you'll write next, but it's also pressuring! heh. have a great week, everybody!

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  1. i can nod and nod to each point you made. i have the best lessons in my life so far for waiting for the right time. and as always, gorgeous photos!

  2. Yeah, I could definitely work on all these...especially waiting. Beautiful pictures, Jianine!


  3. yes, yes, yes. especially number 1. still learning that every day.
    your photos are ever-so lovely, doll.

  4. I love your blog so much. The simplicity. Beautiful! Glad to have found it.

    Gorgeous photography, as well. Glad you found the time this weekend to take some photos and de-stress :)

  5. Dear Jianine, more than a to do list, it is a wonderful philosophy of life. I also have exams coming up very soon, so I totally know how stressful it is, just take the necessary time to breathe. Take a step back to see the bigger picture as they say.... Sandrine

  6. my favorite to - do, stick to your roots. for me, roots are super important - so much so it's in my blog title. don't think this list is cheesy, it's so true and that makes it awesome :)

  7. what a beautiful post. you have such a gift for words & photos :)

  8. That first point was something I needed to read today, heck this whole post was something I needed to read.

    Your words and photos are so beautiful. I hope you know that

  9. I love the style of this post so much. You have a way with words :)