bea and rian :: portraits

April 05, 2014

these two are the best-est of friends, might i say so myself. bea and rian were my classmates, and they were practically inseparable ever since first term! also, this is probably the part ii of rian's portraits, since she asked for another shoot in summer (tah-da!). i just wanted a fun shoot, with lots of singing and laughing and candids to go along with it. overall, they're super fun to be with and obviously photogenic. warning: the sun was so harsh on the girls' faces; lighting is so hard to work with especially if you shoot at the wrong time of day--which we learned the hard way. also, it was super kaduper burning hot. well you know what they say, it's more fun in the philippines! (credits to audrey for styling and helping direct and complaining about the heat with us)

fun, fun fridays!

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