summer is here

April 04, 2014

life has been giving me a lot of opportunities, experiences, and things to work on almost everyday. don't get me wrong: this season is about fun, and a stress-free environment! i shouldn't be going to school in a summer day, or working on projects for deadlines, though i am. prom committee, and media to be specific, has been a so far tiring and scary thing to tackle. it's been fun meeting new friends, yes, but it's taken out the summer vibe i've been looking forward to. 

yes, i still have free time, and i use that to get together with friends and family to celebrate the thing we love most: each other's company. just yesterday i met up with my good friends audrey, rian and bea to have another photoshoot! the sun was scorching hot, but it was still fun. we watched divergent right after and must i say i loved it! (though they should have stuck to the book more.)

back to the topic: this is just a friendly reminder to everyone out there, to always remember to sit back and relax for a minute. you are here to serve and help others, but you need to balance your time, know your priorities. but nevertheless, this has been an amazing experience to be part of. there's always a reason why things happen to you in your life.


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