bea :: portraits

May 27, 2014

i thought i'd be clever by saying one name instead of two this time: mainly because these two girls are namesakes! bea and bea met up with me and audrey to have another shoot this summer, probably one of the last there is to this series. but anyway, i've shot with them both already, just not together and they're great friends too. they are awesome people and it was a pleasure spending the day with them! we didn't decide to shoot in a village anymore and took it out to the country club: the thing i loved about the place was the golf course because of the plain field and trees and empty roads--but there was a mishap. after shooting at the ultimate field, we strolled along the golf course and a lady went up to us saying that we weren't allowed! turns out, we could only stay there once it's closed, which happens on mondays (guess what: it was a friday). long story short, we had to cut our shoot half the time and make do with the field. we shot silhouettes as the sun went down, but i won't get into that until another post ;) enjoy! 

p.s. sorry for so much vertical photos. i can't help thinking that it's the best orientation!
p.s.s. getting braces reeally reeally soon...wish me luck ;)

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