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May 23, 2014

the past weeks (the most of summer) i haven't been posting much about life. well, in ways yes, but more monotonously than personally. photoshoots, art here and there, but not really life. probably because i don't go out much, and if i do, there isn't much of an adventure as i'd like to have. (which sorta defeats the purpose of this blog.) anyway, this is just a reminder that i'm here, and i'm an honest person, and i get lazy and mess up. for one, there are lots of things i want to share with you but never had the will to edit photos or write out what i'm feeling--hence this. i should say sorry, but i don't think i need to.

at the start of summer, i was so pumped in getting this blog back into full gear. there were people that wanted to take pictures with me, and i was pretty much ecstatic about the idea. but now that summer is going by so fast and school is around the corner, i lost that inner spark-thing that makes me get up in the morning and refresh my 'site'. is it because there aren't much people responding? does that mean they hate the way i blog? i dunno. but that shouldn't get to me, right?

just in case you were worried (which i highly doubt) i'm not on hiatus or quitting or anything. there are actually some pretty good content in my photo library. it's more of not having the passion to blog and post as much as i did a year ago, which i'm pretty sure most of you have felt. anyway, hiatuses aren't a bad thing, it's a good reflection time and prepping time and inspiration time--more of a re-charge then a good-bye. i learned this by watching youtube and reading new books and listening to music. now, enough of me rambling. thanks for sticking around, and reminding me why i love doing this! 

p.s. i got in touch with painting, playing the guitar, photography again. the things i absolutely love.
p.s.s. on my life, it's going fine. i'm getting braces soon and i hope it doesn't hurt (though i know it does.)
p.s.s.s. thank you! really.

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