dear may, goodbye ii

June 08, 2014

dear may,

there's always something that pains me to say this: the first day of school is tomorrow. now, it isn't entirely a bad thing, because i've met my closest friends in school--but you get what i mean. it's back to work, to waking up early, to stressing out, et cetera. i just realized how much i really loved summer, and i actually lost that whole feeling towards the end. there's no more excitement in the day, and i just usually ended up watching youtube and reading books on my iPad all day, how adventurous of me right? okay, so it's my own fault for not seizing the day. i guess i'd have to apologize to my future self. but, i could say i've learned a lot throughout the year, and just toughen up and face tomorrow with a smile!

but the sad thing is, i'm staying at home on the last day of summer. cleaning up my room, fixing my school things, checking if my uniform is ready. not so much of a last hoorah if i say so myself, but nevertheless i earned it. i've spent too much of my parent's money and time going out with friends and buying junk food at the mall. and what do they get in return? nothing. they gave me a new jacket for school, yet i complain about not getting a new bag. sometimes teenagers are just ungrateful pricks that aren't content with anything. but now i know better.

recently, my dad fractured his left hand while playing basketball (conveniently after my mom told him not to!). this wednesday he'll undergo an operation, so i'll be asking for some prayers here. aside from all of these little problems that i think are huge, it's time to face the music and really worry about the bigger problems in life. 

what was i complaining about?
right, school.
well, here goes nothing.

see you next year (again),

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