happy father's day!

June 15, 2014

it's that day of the year again! i love my dad to bits and i came up with this super duper last minute card i made for him last night (which i continued this morning and skipped breakfast for). conveniently enough, i made up for a 'get well soon' card as well! we celebrated at my uncle's house today together with my close extended family, and it was fun--my mom made us all bring board games instead of using our gadgets, heh. we even brought scrabble, a game my grandfather would love to play and probably beat us all in. but sadly, he isn't here now so we paid him a visit after mass.

i made him a tiny card to place in between the flowers my uncle bought for him, and it's a nice feeling to get, making a card for a person. a hand-painted, time-bounded card for someone you care about. my mom had to show it off to the parents and they told me to start having a commercial store online for people to buy from, and i was all for it! of course, it'll take a longer while for that idea to sink in and be real, but as of now it's just a fun little hobby i do out of love. hope you enjoyed today as much as i did. x

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