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September 13, 2014

Happy September everyone :-) Excuses aside, I hope you're currently enjoying the fall season, and sorry for missing a whole month of blog posts. I don't even think I should explain, because you guys don't deserve explanations; you guys deserve kick-ass photography and writing. Rian, my very good friend, already had a photoshoot with me during the summer. But what can I say? We can't get enough of each other. Today was my Prom Committee's Garage Sale fundraiser, and we couldn't help but take pictures in the lot across. She's fiercely real, and we all know it. (I know I took too much vertical photos, someone help me.)

In case you're wondering: yes I am not dead. I have a bunch of photos in my library and I guess I just couldn't find the time to edit and write because--yes you guessed it--school. If you don't know what Prom Committee is, then here's a link to our Facebook. Yes, I'm in media, so yes me and a team made the posters. I've been feeling quite happy because my design has been printed onto our shirts and all members are free to wear it any time. Call me a narcissist, but I actually quite love it.

p.s. I can't believe I stopped blogging for a whole month...
p.s.s. ticks "Have your design printed on a shirt" on my bucket list

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