the most wonderful time

December 04, 2014

December is finally here! Which also means I skipped a whole month of not posting. I really ought to apologize, but I'm here and back and it feels nice and comfortable. Christmas is coming but it's so near and far at the same time...One of my friends asked me to make her a birthday card (happy birthday, Kat!), and as promised I had to fulfill my duty as a birthday slash special occasion-card maker. Here's to all you December birthday celebrants!

I haven't worked with watercolor in a while, and I haven't bothered changing up my layout. School and extra-curriculars are keeping me busy and I really don't know how you all do it. Is it just my laziness or bad time management? Definitely going to put this in my New Year's Resolutions (for the enth time). 

Counting the days down to Christmas.
Sooo excited!

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