life lately

February 14, 2015

i. I've taken the bad habit or posting on this blog once every other month (?) and believe me, I do not like it that way.
ii. Happy Valentine's day to everyone! I had a semi-errand-date with my dad today, and bought a book. So far, it's lovely. 
iii. Also, he bought my mom flowers and Ferrero (which I will be eating later).
iv. We had our annual field trip last Wednesday! Thus the infinite landscape shots of nothingness. Nevertheless, it's pretty nothingness--expect a lot of this on Instagram.
v. Life has been treating me well lately (a free second-hand iPhone and VIP Katy Perry tickets as my birthday gift! Love you, parentals) tmi.
vi. My friends are the best. It's Bea's birthday and I'll be whipping up a card for her, so expect a more valentines-esque post soon :)

I basically compiled all that two months you guys missed of me in one post, I hope it doesn't put any of you off! Have a great day/week/month to all of you :)

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