Back & Better

June 15, 2016

After one whole year of not blogging, it was nice to just sit down and work on my newest baby, Oh Wander. After a few days of re-learning how to code and media, welcome to what will be my little internet niche! (Let us take a brief moment of silence for my old blogs, Definitely Screaming and Fleurs Bleu. May they rest in peace *sobs*)

Here are just a few shots taken from my adventures over the past year (I may or may have not taken these from my Instagram, if you're wondering why the lack of landscape photos. Check it out over here if you like.) You could still see some of my old blog posts from what I've tried to salvage, but the comments are all gone, sad to say.

Personally, I learned and grew so much as a person ever since I stopped posting. I joined more organizations, became active and really learned how to hone my talents. I was Media Head once again for Graduation Ball Committee, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Senior year came so fast, and I don't even know what to think as I go into college. This new, grown-up version of me is the same Jianine you've been reading over the past years, but hopefully more entertaining and helpful to you readers!

Cheers to the new, everyone! Here's to our continuous journey together.

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  1. I love the saturation and colours. Your pictures kinda give me a warm feeling.

    Leah /

  2. I loved your old blogs and it's safe to say I will love this new one. I'm so excited to start reading Oh Wander. May it grow and flourish just as you have. Cheers!

  3. I just found your blog by accident and I must say that it's the most beautiful place I've been lately. I'm staying here, definitely. Keep blogging! <3