Shadows & Dusk: Portraits

July 13, 2016

Many months ago, I shot with my good friend Bea (I believe for the third or fourth time, haha!) for a grunge-themed photoshoot. It was really fun to play around with textures and how the sunlight created these beautiful shadows that we had to take pictures of. I absolutely loved how they turned out after editing them, so here are a few of my favorite shots!

Forgot to mention, Bea and I are going to be roommates in college! We got a dorm room outside of Ateneo de Manila University's campus, which I'm super nervous and excited about. Living away from home will be such an adventure, I know it. Hope you're having a wonderful week so far, guys :)

p.s. I recently made a portfolio for all my works (ranging from graphic design, watercolor paintings & photography) which you can check out over at!

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  1. this is beautiful! love the tones in these photos, i think my favourites are the two shots with the shadows of leaves <3

    safah | ink stained lungs

  2. lovely pictures! and the light is just perfect